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For this project, we used a Trotec Speedy 500 and a Speedy 300 flexx machine with a rotary attachment.

To complete this project, you will need:

  • Whisky glass bottle or any bottle of your choice
  • Glass cups
  • Cardboard box
  • Spray paint
  • Engravers mask

Step 1: Spray Paint the Cardboard Box White

Spray paint the box in your choice of colours. We decided to cover the box in a white spray paint.

Step 2: Spray Paint the Box Again With Top Layer

After letting the white paint dry, we covered the white box with a black and white stone spray paint.

Step 3: Engrave Logo Directly Into the Paint on the Box.

We set up the file we wanted to have directly engraved on the box. Use any logo or text you would like to have engraved.

Step 4: Engrave a Second Layer Into the Engraving Mask

This step allowed us to paint only the logo underneath the mask.

Step 5: Spray Paint Directly Onto the Mask

Once dry, peel off the mask and the paint will only be revealed on the logo.

Step 6: Prep Glasses in Rotary Attachment

After setting up your file of what you like to have engraved, place the glass in the rotary attachment using our Speedy 300 flexx machine. To have a "frosted" effect on the glass, we covered the engraving area in wet newspaper.

Step 7: Place Glass Upside Down in Machine

In this stage, we put the glass upside down in order to engrave the logo at the bottom of the glass. For this to work, the file has to be flipped. This will engrave the logo backwards therefore the logo looks correct when you look at it from the top of the glass. To get this effect, we used wet newspaper once again.

Step 8: Prep Your Bottle

In this stage, we covered the bottle with an engraving mask in order to have a smooth and very detailed finish. This will prevent any glass shards while engraving on the bottle. In this step, the Speedy 500 machine was used to engrave directly onto the bottle through the mask.

You are able to create anything that you would like to have engraved. Pictures can also be engraved onto glass with the proper setup. Enjoy!



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    2 years ago

    Hi- can you please explain why you need the wet newspaper? What happens if you don't use it?

    1 reply
    Trotec Laser CanadaKiwiKid

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi- We recommend masking paper over wet newspapers, but using one or the other is better than using nothing at all. If you're direct-engraving onto glass the image can look more blurry as there may be tiny shards. Using masking tape actually combines the tape into the glass and you get a nice frosted effect, using nothing will have a more see-through image that will be harder to notice. Hope that helps!

    Trotec Laser Canadajeanniel1

    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi Jeanniel, we dont offer laser cutting or engraving services, we do sell the laser machines. We are on Instructables to give you ideas of what you can do with our laser machines including DIY projects.

    jeanniel1Trotec Laser Canada

    Reply 3 years ago

    Ah, how much is a basic model? I was just checking out a few! What's a price range so we can have a realistic view of laser cutting? Thanks for replying.

    Trotec Laser Canadajeanniel1

    Reply 3 years ago

    HI Jeanniel, are you in Canada or the US? If you're in Canada please email and we can give you a quote. For the US, if you direct messege us with your email, we will forward you to our colleagues. Thanks!


    4 years ago