Glass Etching Stencil

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I just made an instructable on how to etch glass, and in it I said I would do an instructable on the stencil. This is another thing I am trying. So here it is I hope you enjoy.

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Step 1: Materials

1. Electrical tape or any other tape except duck tape
2. Sharp knife or craft knife
3. Sharpie
4. Paper
5. Image to stencil

Step 2: Choosing an Image

In order to make a stencil you need to have a image. It is best to have a simpler image like above, don't choose a complicated image like above.

Step 3: Tracing

I would reconend printing and using a light box to trace it, but I just used my phone. Place the paper on your phone get a rough copy then take it off and out line the drawing a little better. Now use the sharp knife to cut out the parts you want to be shown. If you need a preface that you left off just use tape to re secure it

Step 4: Transferring the Image

Using the tape make a square long enough to incase the image. The take the sharpie and paper stencil and color in the holes. Finally just cut out the colored area and your done.

Step 5: Conclusion

If you look on Amazon the stencils are pretty expensive and I had all the materials laying around. I thought it was fun and you should try doing it also. I hope you enjoyed and if you did please like and subscribe I would enjoy feed back to thanks and bye

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