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I have decided to try something new, instead of camping or cooking I'm going to etch glass. Now instead of using tools I will use a cream that I impulse bought on Amazon. I hope you enjoy

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

1. Armor etch (or any other etching cream)
2. Rubber gloves
3. Some kind of brush to spread it (I used a pop cycle stick)
4. A clean glass surface

Step 2: Prep

First you have to clean the surface of grime. After that place the stencil down and border it. I used my own stencil, and I will make another instructable on that later.

Step 3: Etching

This is when you put on your gloves to protect you from the cream. I don't know what it does or if it does anything to you at all but the bottle says to. Then using your applicator spread a decent layer of it on the surface. Make sure to stay within the stencil. After 3-5 minutes of eating go and wash it off. Now to finish just take off the stencil and viola

Step 4: Conclusion

Etching cream is a fun and interesting way to decorate jars, I wasn't all that satisfied with the turn out since it wasn't super etch . I would recommend you leave the cream on a little longer. Please like and subscribe, if you have any ideas leave them in the comments thanks for reading!

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    Question 4 months ago on Step 2

    I usually etch with acid and metal but will be guiding a class of year 7 (grade 6) students. What have you used to stop the etch? What kind of tape is that?


    2 years ago

    this looks fun to do......thanks for sharing!!!

    Carpenter Guy

    3 years ago

    Wow, very nice! I haven't tried that yet!