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Glass fuses are common, especially in older homes and appliances and periodically, they burn out. So, what to do with burned out fuses? One could throw them out, but, don't they kind of look like those expensive glass knobs for cabinets? Why not give them a second life?

What you need:

Glass fuses, one per door

Forstner drill bit the size of the fuse base (mine was 1/2 inch)

A pan-head screw long enough to go through the cabinet door, one per door

A drill bit the size of the screw's diameter (mine was 1/8 inch)

A sharp knife or chisel

A drill and a screwdriver

Step 1: Preparing the Door

*Note: these photos are a dramatization: no photos were taken during the original build

Using the Forstner bit, drill a hole deep enough into the cabinet to hide the black base.

In the center of the larger hole, drill a pilot hole through the door for the screw.

Push the fuse into the hole hard enough so the ribs on this base mark the edge of the hole.

Use a sharp knife or chisel to cut small notches so the ribs can fit into the hole.

Step 2: Attach the Pull

Use a nail to punch a pilot hole into the center of the rear of the fuse - this is where the screw will attach to the fuse.

Push the fuse firmly into the hole in the door.

Insert the screw from the rear and screw in until tight.

Enjoy your new glass pulls!

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    8 Discussions

    computer freak3

    4 years ago

    those are so awesom they would look perfect in a old house plus there just so cool,you could even paint the inside after you make the hole.thanx for sharing

    1 reply

    as an electrician,i must say that is one of the neatest ideas i have seen in a long time. great job

    1 reply