Glass Fuse and Copper Earrings

Introduction: Glass Fuse and Copper Earrings

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You will need 6 fuses 2 earring hooks and 2x 20cm of 18 gage wire


6 fuses
2 earring hooks
40cm of 16 to 18 gage wire

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Step 1: Wrapping

Start by wrapping each fuse to the next with the wire you have chosen. Once you have wrapped the first continue onto the next which will tie them together. Continue till you have 3 fuses in a row

Step 2: Join and Make a Bail

Bend into a triangular shape and twist then
Wrap wire and make a bail for hook to attach to

Step 3: Trim Bail

Trim bail

Step 4: Attach Hook

Attach hook and you're done

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