Glass-mounted Lamp With Suction Cup



Introduction: Glass-mounted Lamp With Suction Cup

Glass-mounted lamp might be useful for plant lighting at home. It allow you to use window surface more efficient and you may easily vary position of lamp depending on plant height.

In order to make such lamp you will need:

1) Vacuum sucker with screw rod and nut(I bought from aliexpress M6 screw rod sucker)

2) Plastic lamp holder(I got one with E27 socket from local hardware shop)

You may buy lamp holder with wire and AC power plugs and in line cord switch, in my case I bought everything separately for 2 reasons: it is cheaper and you get full control over length of wire and type of power plug

2.1) At least 1 meter(I recoment more) of frexible copper wire 0.2-0.3 sqare millimenter with silicone rubber insulation
2.2) AC power plug that will fit your AC socket 2.3) Optionally in line cord switch

3) Suction cup mounting system (I've printed it on 3D printer

4) Lampshade

5) LED lamp for plant(it may come in different spectum and luminous intensity)

6) Connecting parts between suction cup mounting system and lamp holder

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Step 1: Step 1: Assemble Bulp Holder(optional)

If you got lamp holder disassebled as I you need first to assemble lamp holder:

1) Check that you lamp fits lamp holder, I know silly but there a are a lot of lamp socket standarts. I used E27 I'm not sure that it will be same in you case.

2) Connect wire to bulp holder in simple bulp holder models you just need to insert wire in special holes, in more advanced models terminal connection used.

3) Connect wire from other side to electric plug, in my case I used Type C

In my case it was AC so the is no difference in wires with DC polarity matters.

I recomend to perform tinning a stripped wire before connecting it to the bulp holder.

4) Optionnaly connect in line switch if you want

Test it!

Step 2: Step 2: Printing Parts

I've used Rostock MAX 3D printer in order to print lampshade and part, it took about 10-12 hours in total.

Step 3: Step 3: Assembly

Last step is just assemble everything together, mount to the window and plug to electric socket.

If you have any questions ask in comments.

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