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Introduction: Glasses Pouch in Under an Hour

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I'm looking to make some items quickly and cheaply to maybe sell for myself and to inspire other people to do likewise (that's what my avatar is about - visit for more information). This is how I made a glasses pouch by hand quickly and easily.

What you'll need:
A piece of fabric
A cord or something to use as a drawstring
Some cotton, needle, scissors
A stencil drawn on card

Optional: Pins, sewing machine

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Step 1: The Stencil

If you're going to do a number of these, it's best to use a stencil. I based this on an existing pouch which fits pretty much any size and shape of glasses. The labels are to show you what to do when you have the shape of fabric. It is 22x19cm.
Just trace around the piece of card (made from an old cereal box). Take a look at where to sew and the next steps will show you the order to do them. You don't need to draw any other lines on the fabric, but it's useful to use the card as a reminder, should you wait 3 years before you do another. :P

Step 2: Sewing the Top With the Drawstring

Lay the drawstring along what will be the open end as shown and fold the fabric over. If you have pins to hold it in place, that would be useful. I didn't have any so just gripped it as I sewed it. 
This can be done easily with a sewing machine, too, but I don't have one of those. I like to get down to the basics as I'm a bit of a rugged sort of chap. :D
This line of thread you'll want to do the most carefully as it is the only one you'll see when it's finished. I found this out after I'd done it but hey ho, we learn from our mistakes. ;)
After you've gone across to the end, go back again to fill the gaps, as seen in the third piccy.

Step 3: On the Edge

And can you believe it, it's nearly done already! All that's left to do is fold it in half (inside out stylee) and sew in the same way along the two edges.
Be careful not to pull the thread too tightly or it will affect the shape of the pouch. And you wouldn't want to do that now, would you?
You don't need to worry if the line isn't perfectly straight as this won't be seen when you turn it outside in but best to keep it more or less straight.

Step 4: Voilá

And that's it! When you've got the stencil and done your first one, the next one you could do in about half an hour or maybe 10 minutes with a sewing machine. I quite like these and it's all in the type of fabric you use as to whether people might want to buy them.

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