Glasso - a Gravity Sensing Hackable RGB Ornament





Introduction: Glasso - a Gravity Sensing Hackable RGB Ornament

Glasso is a button free RGB ornament. When different side of it faces down, it will execute different functions like timer or thermometer.  As you see, no display screen is used. We get all these information displayed via the change of a layer of RGB LEDs. You can find out how it looks like when working as a timer in the video.

It's a project 100% ready to be re-hack. So if you are interested in the data file like the design file of acrylic or code, send me a PM.

We used a layer of Grove - Chainable LED, one microcontroller, and one base shield to create the function.

Following is a video demonstrating how it works as a timer.

You can find the configuration of Glasso with some "unboxing" photos here.

The upper layer sit 6 Grove - Chainable RGB LED. They are separated by acrylic blocks to avoid light interference. 

And on the button layer are our Seeeduino and Base Shield, plus a Grove - 3-axis Accelerometer to  sense the position.





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    This is awesome! I'd really like to build one for my daughter. Will have to baby proof it a bit but she will love it! Can't figure out how to PM you through instructables... Any chance you'd be willing to post links to the code and build files? Thank you!

    1 reply

    thanks, and would love to share. but the code is still under modification, so not ready to post yet. did you receive a PM I sent?