Glassphones - Personal Headphone Glasses

Introduction: Glassphones - Personal Headphone Glasses

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This is what I made from the laptop I took apart in DIY Fan from Computer. Me and my sister made a set of Glassphones (what a creative title!) which are out of:

3D plastic glasses I got free from the cinema
Two crocodile clips
A headphone jack (both ends male)
A speaker from a laptop

This is a pretty easy instructable so I hope many of you make this and edit it to make it even better.

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Step 1: The Speaker and the Glasses

First you need to get the glasses. I took the specs out becuase I could see better. Tape the speaker down onto any side and make sure its infront of your ear.

Step 2: The Wires: Part 1

So connect each wire onto a crocodile clip. This is the easiest part but it can go wrong here. Make sure the wire ends are long enough or the wires wont stay in the crocodile clips.

Step 3: The Wires: Part 2

I've put tape round mine but inside, one end of the headphone jack is connected to a crocodile clip and the other crocodile is clipped onto the side. I taped them together to keep them stable.

Step 4: Plug It In!

Plug the other jack into your phone / tablet / laptop, and listen to your favorite music with your Glassphones! Good luck!

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