Glenna's Afghan

Introduction: Glenna's Afghan

THis is the progression of the afghan. I took pictures to show my mom in Calif. It was a pattern she gave me. The finished afghan went to a friend! I used Red Heart yarn!



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    I also would like to make this afghan, but Herrshners doesn't have the pattern anymore (after all, it has been 6 years since you posted your instructible). would you be willing to send the pattern to me? Thanks if you do!

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    <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/>link to pattern<br/>

    I am trying to locate an afghan pattern for my mother; apparently it was in the 1993 Herrschners catalog and it is called "2 Step" and it is a crocheted afghan. Any help would be appreciated!!!

    That's gorgeous!
    I'm almost finished with a Lone Star-patterned quilt (OK, so it has been "almost finished" for years now), but a matching-pattern afghan would be brilliant! Thank you for the pattern link.

    Beautiful, love the color scheme too! I have seen this before but haven't been able to locate the pattern. Can you tell me a source for the pattern or would you share, please! :)

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    This is beautiful. I have a pattern to knit something similar, but so far have not tried it out. This one of yours has inspired me to add it to my to-do list.

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    I find it hard to crochet! I even bought one of those Dummies guide books for crochet, but I must be too dumb. I'm sticking to knitting. It's strange how some people are knitters and some crocheteers!