Ever wanted to make an easy , reliable paper airplane that actually flies ? Well heres your chance, in just a few easy steps you can create hours of fun.

Materials needed-

One 8X11 piece of standard printer paper.


Step 1: Forming the Body

Fold Corners A And C to line B

Step 2: Forming the Body Part 2


Fold Corners D and E to line B

Step 3: Starting the Wings

Fold in half, along line B. So that corners G and H are touching.

Step 4: Making the First Wing

Fold one wing along line 2. Your plane should look like the second image at this point.

Step 5: The Final Fold

Form The second wing by making the same type of fold along line 3.

Step 6: Fly!

You are now ready for hours of fun !



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    2 years ago

    This is the kind I liked to make as a kid :)