Glider Paper Airplane

Introduction: Glider Paper Airplane

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Do not throw very hard and you may need a few adjustments to make it fly properly

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Step 1:

Start with an ordinary piece of paper

Step 2:

Fold diagonally to other side then unfold

Step 3:

Do the same with the other side and unfold. You should have an x

Step 4:

Turn the paper over

Step 5:

Fold horizontally over the point of the x

Step 6:

Flip paper over

Step 7:

Put the 2 sides inward and fold the top down

Step 8:

Slip the 2 halfes into the pyramid fold

Step 9:

Fold the 2 tips into the center

Step 10:

Fold the plane in half

Step 11:

It should look like this

Step 12:

Fold the 2 wings down

Step 13:

It should look like this

Step 14:

For balance fold 2 triangles at the tip of the wings

Step 15:

Fold the triangles in half like so

Step 16:

It needed you may want to fold the wings up for Stability

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    5 years ago

    I donno like if you threw it on a flat it would go like idk far i guess