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Step 1: Get Your Materials


If you want cheap wheels:

Plastic Pulleys
Zip Ties

If you want nice wheels:

Standard wheels from home depot: Choose ones that will fit the aluminum channel.

Two Aluminum Channels: These are used for the wheels to slide back forth on. They slightly dip when the laptop is docked. But they are not moving anywhere.

Two steel cross rods: These are used for the horizontal section. They are the black bars attatched to the wooden block

One wooden plank of wood: Arm Mount hangs from this.

TV mount: The TV mount I bought was purchased for 20 dollars on EBAY, this is very adjustable and easy to mount.

Wire Hider: Makes things look nice.

IR sensor: This is usb based hardware, allows you to control your PC with a remote...not necessary but if you want to watch DVD's from a far, its a good investment.

Plastic Tray: The harder the better. Wood would probaly be a better choice here.

Step 2: Construction

1: In order to get the Port Replicator properly mounted you are going to want to take it apart, and drill the bottom from inside the unit, onto the plastic tray. Put the port replicator back apart. And scew in places where support is needed.

2: Take the arm mount, that has the larger end and drill it into the opposite side of the plastic tray. I used the back of the port replicator for an anchor. (not a good idea, but if you dont have bolts...why not) If you choose to drill the arm mount into the replicator make sure you do not hit anything inside of it.

3: Drill the other end of the arm into a strong block of wood.

4: Use the steel cross sections and mount them on the oppisite side of the wood you mounted the arm on. Make sure the beams are as long as the width of the aluminum channels you set up.

Step 3: Adding Wheels

Because the aluminum channel is very skinny, I had to make my own wheels with pulleys. For a much smoother roll, I suggest you find a wider channel, and get real wheels. For those of you who only want to spend 4 dollars on wheels then I suggest you do what I did:

Very simple:

1: Find plastic pulleys, and harness them to the stell crossbeams. The wheels are going to face perpindicular to the beams. To secure the pulleys use zip ties...they are amazing. Use a dab of epoxy also to make a stronger connection.
2:The pulley wheels need to be small enough to fit in the aluminum channel. If for some reason there is alot of friction once the unit is placed on the channel, use WD40...but try not to spray it all over your bed...

Step 4: Aluminum Channels and BAM!

Take the long aluminum channels...both of them, and drill them apart at a distance that is equivalent to the length of the horizontal beams. Make sure that all four wheels fit in the channels before you screw anything in...Depending on the size of the wheels, you do not have much room for error, use an measuring tool. Once everyhting is aligned Drill in the aluminum channel.

Put an extra screw at each end, so that the dock wont fly off the railing.

Grease the Channel up wiht WD40, and place the unit on the railing...It should glide effortlessly. To make things a little cooler, add the IR reciever and WIRELESS mouse and keyboard duo ontop of the wooden plank and run down the wires. Hide the wires with wire hiders and zip ties.

Use the wireless keyboard and remote control to support your lethargy.

I did not want to mess around with the dangling wires, so I decided to leave thepower out of this...When power is needed I just plug it into the dock... it has no effect on mobility. When you want the laptop off just press and go.

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