Glitter ABCs





Time: 30-45 Minutes

Love these glitter gold letters! They really add a nice touch to our kitchen!

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Step 1: Materials


Plastic ABC letters

Gold Spray Paint

Gold Glitter

*Stand and cardboard to lay down letters to spray.

Step 2: Sort and Spray

1.Wash and dry magnet letters in soapy water to remove any dirt or grease.

2.Sort the vowels (red) in one pile and consonants in another pile.(blue)

3. Spay the blue letters first.

4. Might take a few coats to get all the little nooks.

5. let dry

Step 3: Glitter

6. Spray the red letters.

7. After first coat sprinkle with glitter before it dries.

8. Coat, glitter, dry, coat, etc.... until all the nooks are covered.

9. Let dry

Step 4: Gillter Letters!

Place on fridge to create custom phrases or words for your fridge!

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