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This week we're making an amazing glitter acrylic Christmas card using our Trotec Speedy 360 laser cutting machine. We engrave the acrylic, then kiss cut it, laser cut the hinge, the glue in our second acrylic layer as well as paper to personalize your card with.

Artwork files attached.

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Step 1: Engraving the Acrylic

The first step is to place our glitter acrylic into our laser machine and engrave our front stars design. Our speedy 360 is an 80 watt laser and we use 55 power, 100 speed.

Step 2: Kiss-cut the Acrylic

Next, we kiss-cut or just graze the top of our acrylic with 20 power, 3 speed in order to mark the position for our 2nd acrylic layer that will go on top. This cut wont be noticeable in the finished card.

Step 3: Full Cut and Hinge

We then do a full cut to cut out our card and make a hinge in the middle in order for our card to bend. We use 100 power, 0.8 speed on the cut.

If you would like to learn morn on kerf cutting, or creating hinges, where you can download more hinge templates and samples, click here:

Step 4: Engrave the Inside of the Card

We then flip the card over and place it back into our laser machine. We then engrave the inside message on the left hand side, and do a kiss-cut for where we'll place our card stock paper (for personalization).

Step 5: Cut Our 2nd Gold Acrylic

We then laser cut our acrylic 2nd layer to be glued on the first. We use the same full cut settings of 100 power, 0.8 speed.

Step 6: Cleaning the Acrylic

We then clean any residue caused by the laser using our Novus 1 acrylic cleaner.

Step 7: Adding Our 2nd Acrylic Layer

We then peal off our 3M adhesive from our gold glitter acrylic and place it onto where we had our kiss-cut. Press lightly for a solid adhesion.

Step 8: Cut Our Card Stock Paper

We then laser cut our card stock paper to the exact size of our kiss-cut on the inside of our card.

Step 9: Glue the Card Stock

We then use our double-sided Tessa tape to glue the card stock onto the inside of our card. We then sign it just to show an example of how you can write a personal message.

BONUS: You can glue our MO4 magnet with a hot glue got on one side of the magnet, and take the 3M adhesive off the other.

Glitter Acrylic:

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    5 weeks ago

    This is so beautiful! I love the look of this card. Wowsas.


    9 months ago

    It looks adorable! It must have been so much fun to make! I have to try it now! Yay :D

    2 replies

    Thanks! Yea it was a lot of fun, and you can put any design you want on the front, and any text on the inside!