Glitter and Glam Sunglasses!!

About: Crafting is my LIFE Wood, paper, clay, duct tape, glitter, mod podge, and many more kinds of projects! I do crafts for Jesus!

Step 1: Supplies

-mod podge (I have the gloss)
-plastic spoon
-plastic cup
Paper or foam plate

Step 2: Adding Mod Podge and Glitter

1. Get your cup and fill it with a little bit of mod podge.
2. Add lots of glitter into the cup with mod podge.
3. Mix it all together with the spoon.

Step 3: Spreading

1.Put your sunglasses on the plate as shown
2. Dip your spoon in the mod podge and spread on the sides of the glasses
-you dab the glasses with the mod podge on the spoon
- with the back of the spoon you can spread it out.
- when spreading, make all even!

Step 4: Finishing!!!

The glasses need to dry over night. You can do this bedazzling with other glasses not only sunglasses!!!! I even Did a pencil box!



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