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Bikes are awesome for all ages, but no matter how inherently cool they are, they can sometimes use a little more. A little more oomph, a little more pizzazz. In short, some bikes would be better with a nice glittery sheen to sparkle in the sun.

It's a quick and easy upgrade that can be done in under an hour. So let's get to it.

This Instructable was brought to you by Krylon

Step 1: What You Need

 - Wrench
 - Chain tool like this one
 - Plastic bags
 - Masking tape
 - Krylon Glitter Blast
 - Krylon Clear Coat
 - Dust mask

Step 2: Take Off Everything

Whatever you can remove from the bike should be taken off. For this bike that means removing the wheels, training wheels, seat, and the bike chain. The wheels here were taken off with the wrench and the chain tool was used to undo the bike chain.

Step 3: Clean the Bike

Make sure to clean off the bike so that the glitter spray will stick to the frame. Don't sand the frame as the paint coat below will show through the glitter.

Step 4: Wrap It Up

Now we just want to mask off the parts of the bike that we don't want to be glittery. Here that's the grips on the handlebar and the crank arms. Wrap each piece with a plastic bag and use the masking tape to keep it on and provide a clean edge for the glitter paint.

Step 5: Spray!

For the application of the glitter I'd suggest using a dust mask or even a respirator. You are spraying glitter out into the air and you do not want to breathe it.

OK? All safe and ready to go? Spray that glitter! Spray the glitter in sweeping motions and be sure to hit the frame from different angles to get an even coverage. Also remember to apply multiple thin coats to avoid drips.

When you're all done, the glitter will be dry in 10-15 minutes and can be handled after 2 hours.

To be extra sure that the glitter stays on, also apply a coat of Clear Coat to protect it.

Step 6: Reassemble and Enjoy!

Use your tools to put the chain, seat, and wheels back on the bike.

You now have a fancier ride to use yourself or give to someone else. It's shiny, sparkly and ready for its turn in the sun so it should be taken out for a ride.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's weird. I saw this instructable a long time ago (and I even think I commented on it). What happened? Well, anyway, this is awesome!