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Glitter Bobby Pins are a perfect gift for any occasion like a bachelorette party, birthday goodie bags or an ideal way to hair accessorize if you are on a tight budget! Its fun, easy to make, and it looks good on most hairstyles.This crafty Beauty/Fashion Instrucable only takes a few minutes and all supplies can be purchased at any beauty store, I was able to purchase everything on Amazon. Follow my art and projects on instagram @katkerth_studio

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(Preferably clear nail polish. Colored ones work however they should match the glitter color)

Step 1: What Bobbi Pins to Buy

I would not recommend the wavvy top bobbi pins as the nail polish and glitter does not sit very well on the surface ,and can look a little lumpy. I have experimented and the larger flat top bobbi pins which seemed to sit better and not only that, the glitter stood out alot more.

Step 2: Pick You Color

Decide what color glitter you would like to use for your bobbi pins. For this Instructable project, I decided to try a wide range of glitter colors which I was able to purchase from Amazon.

Step 3: Slide Bobbi Pins on Paper

Take the bobby pins and slide them on the piece of paper. You want them on here so they can dry on the paper. This will prevent smearing of nail polish on your hands and surface you are working on. I would highly recommend practising on one first if this is your first time. I was able to coat glitter on the bobbi pins two at a time.

Step 4: Coat Nail Polish on Bobbi Pin

Coat a nice even layer of nail polish on the top flat surface of the bobbi pin. Do not leave the nail polish to dry for too long or you glitter will not stick and flake off. For this Instructable project I used the clear Sally Hansen nail polish.

Step 5: Sprinkle Glitter on Bobbi Pins

Evenly sprinkle the glitter on the bobbi pin straight after you have painted the pins with nail polish.

Step 6: Shake Off the Glitter and Leave to Dry

Shake off the glitter and leave the clips to dry for at least 30 minutes. I left the clips to dry for about 2 hours just to stay on the safe side.

Step 7: Final Top Coat

Paint the bobbi pins with a top layer of clear nail polish to protect the glitter. Leave it to dry for another hour or so till it is completely dry.

Step 8: Glitter Bobbi Pins!

DIY Glitter bobbi pins are now complete!

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