Glitter Bomb Car Vents

Things you will need:

Glitter - extra fine is best for this, Go for a slightly darker colour as you will see later

Funnel - any sort will do, even a folded sheet of paper. I used one of the disposable ones (like the ones you get at a gas station)

Unsuspecting friend


Keys (for gaining access) to unsuspecting friends car - not necessary as described in step 2

As well check out the video, its all in there

Step 1: Try and Gain Access to Victims Car

Once you have all the materials you need to get the keys, or atleast gain access to your victims vehicle. There are many ways to do so;

“hey I left my ___ in your car” etc.

I personally did so by picking up his vehicle from the mechanic when he was away at work.

Again if you can not get the keys, step 2 will still work.

Step 2: Glitter the Air Intake Vents

If you cannot gain access this is where you can still make this plan work. You will pour the glitter into the air intake cowls at the bottom of the windshield, which leads to the cabins air vents.

One special note: if the vehicle is equipped with cabin filters, it like wont work, as the glitter will just clog up the cabin filter. But depending on your determination I suggest just do it anyways and hope the glitter breaks the cabin filter or something magical like that.

It is fair to assume most vehicles pre-1996 likely don't have cabin filters. As well a surprisingly high number of vehicle that take cabin filters, are not equipped with them from the factory, so if your friend is the first owner and isnt the type to diligently upkeep “mechanical” things, probably doesn't have a cabin filter.

Step 3: Glitter the Vents

This is where you enter the vehicle and get to work, there is so much room for creativity here but I will share my process.

Essentially you want want to get the glitter to spray all over the driver, so take the funnel and pour the glitter carefully into the two closest vents to the steering wheel.

Special Note:

This is why it is important to pour carefully and choose a less conspicuous colour; any glitter on the vent flaps will be obvious and the pile of glitter inside the vents may be more noticeable if it is neon.

Carefully tap or blow the glitter on the flaps back into the vent. You dont want to get it too far in or else it may not come back up (condensation may cause glitter to clump up or air pressure may not be strong enough to lift the glitter).

Step 4: Adjust the Vents

If you have put the key in the ignition, now is a good time to take it out and close any windows etc. as you don’t want to to turn accidentally turn on the vehicle after this step:

Position both (or all) the vents you glittered up and towards the driver (the victim). Close all other vents and of course open the ones that are glittered.

This is why you want the ignition off. You need to set the airflow on high, the vent restrictions to only the upper vents and ideally have the air circulation on which typically leads to more powerful air flow. Dont forget this! as the victim is likely to notice the glitter befor they happen to turn on the vents during the normal routine . You gotta get them the moment they turn the key

Step 5: Glitter the Sunvisor

This is something extra you can do. Put as much glitter as you can in their sun visor so it will fall all over them when they open it. This isn't very easy but you can use a folded envelope to pour it up there or carefully sprinkle it up there while the visor is at about a 90 degree angle.

Step 6: Clean Up!

Clean up and glitter you spilt so they wont become suspictious when they first enter the vehicle. if you can think of a reason why they should be suspicious, use it. Try: “hey sorry I was making myself look pretty in your car and might have spilt some of my glitter”

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    So awesome and mischievous!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    If this doesn't manage to cause a life threatening accident it definitely will cause hundreds of dollars of damage (have you had to clean copious amounts of glitter out of anything?).

    A better approach is to collect the chads from hole punches or buy some confetti and use that instead. You get the same effect but can be cleaned up with a vacuum and while it still could dangerously obscure a drivers vision momentarily, it won't actually cause any harm.


    4 years ago

    The sneakier alternative is to drop an anchovy or two in there. Their car will stink for months.


    If someone turns on their AC/heater while they're driving, this could cause a wreck.

    Seriously. Learn what's funny and what's stupid.


    4 years ago

    Wow... With friends like this who needs enemies...


    4 years ago

    Blow glitter into someone's eye and you can cause permanent damage.