Glitter Canvas

For this project you will need:

1 Canvas

1 roll of painter's tape

Spray adhesive

Glitter of your choice

Step 1: Tape Out Your Choice of Word

Decide what word you want to have written out on the canvas and use the painter's tape to write it out. I suggest using scissors instead of tearing the tape so you have neat edges. Overlapping edges also help keep things together. Make sure all the tape if firmly pressed down so you don't have spray adhesive and glitter get onto the clean canvas.

Step 2: Spray Adhesive

Use spray adhesive to coat the entire canvas, do so from the recommended distance on the back of the can. Also follow the rest of the directions (regarding ventilation, safety, etc.). You do not need a thick coat of spray to have the glitter stay on.

Step 3: Glitter Time

Use glitter right after your spray adhesive in whatever pattern you like. If you want full coverage, make sure that you cover up all the white areas. It sticks fairy quickly so you can wait a minute or so and dump off excess to see if there are any areas that you need to reapply glitter too.

Step 4: Almost Done

Wait around 5 minutes and carefully start peeling off the painters tape to reveal the word underneath. Do it carefully and slowly to make as little mess as possible since there is still glue and glitter on the back of the tape. Now just let it dry and you are done and can hang it.



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