Glitter Diary/Notebook




Introduction: Glitter Diary/Notebook

You will need:

  • Pencils (With or without rubbers)
  • Paint and palette
  • Paint brush
  • Notebook
  • Glitter
  • PVA Glue
  • Ribbon (Optional)

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Step 1: Paint Your Cover

Choose a colour of your choice (Preferably the colour of the glitter or the colour of the book cover.)

Paint over the cover until it's all covered.

Step 2: Add Glitter

You can choose to stick/attach your glitter with glue dots, but I didn't want to, so I randomly flicked my glue all over, then used my paintbrush to lightly spread a layer of glue. I sprinkled gold glitter on and spread it again with a paintbrush.

Step 3: Pencil Tops

While our diary/notebook is drying, do the pencils. Dip your pencil lightly into the glue and brush the glue so it covers the top. Then, sprinkle glitter over the glue-covered bits.

For the first 15 or so minutes, you need to keep checking on the pencils and changing their center of gravity until it stops dripping over the side.

Step 4: Sealing the Glitter

Once both the pencils and the notebook are dry, lightly cover with another layer of glue, or you can use sealant. (But hey, what if you can't stand the stench of sealants?)

Also, you'll have to continue checking on the pencils.

Step 5: Add Final Touches

You can stick a length of ribbon onto the side of your notebook to secure the pencils, but you don't have to bother.

If you're wondering about the choice of color, the person I'm planning to give this to loves the colors yellow, purple and blue.

Good luck on making your very own glitter diary/notebook!

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    cvan dessel

    5 years ago

    so beautiful ! I love it !