Glitter Eggs With a Re-occurrying Motif Display

Introduction: Glitter Eggs With a Re-occurrying Motif Display

Last Easter I embarked on my first craft adventure. The result was Glitter Eggs with a Re-occurrying Motif Display.

I started off with an assorted of styrofoam eggs and spheres, as well as wooden sticks, acrylic paint, brushes, glue, pins and a huge array of sequins, ribbon, glitter and coloured stick on gem stones.

Everyone that came over was invited to make and name an egg. They were really cool and all their creations were photographed and uploaded to Instagram.

I then gathered all the eggs together, stuck them in a cardboard box, and photographed them in various locations including the bush, the beach and on a glossy black surface.

After Easter I made a proper 'display case' for them out of an old cardboard soap box holder. In order to get the 're-occurring motif' part happening, I printed out one of the Instagram picture of the eggs and stuck it onto the front of the display case. So the real world design and the digital image of the design can co-exist.

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Step 1: Things You Will Need.

  • Assorted styrofoam eggs and/or spheres, wooden sticks to display the eggs on, acrylic paint (silver and gold worked well for me).
  • Brushes and a roller, a paint tray, glitter in assorted colours.
  • An assortment of sequins, pom-poms, ribbons, straight pins, fake feathers, fake gem stones etc for decorating.
  • Card board shoe boxes to display the eggs.

Step 2: Painting and Glittering

  • Paint your egg with the silver or gold paint.
  • Also paint the wooden stick while you are at it.
  • Ideally two or three coats are needed. I used a mixture of silver and gold in the example above.
  • After you do the final coat, and while the egg is still wet, sprinkle it with glitter.

Step 3: Decorating

Using an assortment of sequins, pom-poms, ribbons, fake gem stones decorate your egg and encourage friends and family to join in. Create a name for your egg. Some examples are pictured above.

# Royale Maxi Egg

  • Three coats of gold acrylic paint.
  • While the final coat is still wet, sprinkle liberally with gold glitter.
  • Wrap on the diagonal with royal purple and sheer gold ribbon. Secure with straight pins and glue.
  • Top with fake feathers and a hot pink pom-pom.

# Panda Egg

  • Paint egg with white paint. Paint in the black panda eyes with paint.
  • Use straight pins with coloured tops to make the mouth, eyes and tiara.
  • Use pom-poms and and for the nose and ears.

# Tutu Egg

  • Paint an egg silver.
  • Sprinkle with silver glitter while still wet.
  • Wrap pale pink and baby blue fake feathers around the stem. Secure with a pin.
  • Tread silver and pink sequins with a pearl topped straight pin and place around the egg.
  • Top with a cone shaped bead and pink pom-pom to create the ice cream cone effect on top.

Step 4: Collating and Curating

  • Gather together the completed eggs.
  • Push their wooden stick bases through an upside down cardboard shoebox.
  • Photograph the eggs in various locations. In this example I used the Australian bush and the beach.

Step 5: Tagging, Filtering and Circulating the Images

  • Photograph each egg individually and upload the images to Instagram.
  • Make sure to tag them with the name of the person that created them and the name of their creations.
  • Add some filters to the picture of the the collated eggs and upload that to instagram too.
  • I also added a short video which has a nice effect of the wind rustling through the eggs.
  • Instagram Glitter Video:

Step 6: Print and Display the Real World and Digital World Glitter Eggs

  • Print your favourite instagram egg picture.
  • Decorate a flat, rectangular, cardboard box (I used a box that contained decorative soaps) with the left over egg decorations.
  • Include the printed instagram image into the design.
  • Stick the eggs into the top of the box. Stick to the wall using double sided sticky tape.
  • TaDa - it is all done!

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    Very nicely done! This is a great instructable. Thank you for sharing the details!


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    Thanks for the encouragement!