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Introduction: Glitter Glass Wall Art

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Glitter Glass Wall Art is a simple and elegant piece of art. All you need is glitter glue and foil sheet. Here, I used my daughter coloring sheet for the pattern. You can take print out of your fav choice of images or wordings from google images.

These beautiful art would be great gift option for your loved one. Make one and surprise him/her.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Different colors of Glitter glue


Pattern sheet

Aluminium foil sheet

cello tape

Step 2: Tape the Pattern Sheet

Take picture frame, turn to back side and unlock, remove the cardboard and set aside.

Take out the glass frame carefully and place the pattern sheet in right position and cello tape it on four corners of the sheet.

Step 3: Trace It With Glitter Glue

Take any color of glitter glue and trace the pattern sheet.

Use many colors for the best output.

The body of butterfly was empty and I din't have more glue, hence I drew some simple lines and curves to cover up the empty space. You can also fill the space with applying more glitter glue.

Once you done applying glitter glue, remove the cello tape and pattern sheet.

Keep the glass frame in safe place and let the glue completely dry for sometime. I kept it overnight.

Step 4: Glitter Background

Take aluminium foil sheet.

It has been scrunched up to attain this texture. (Gently crush the foil with both hands)

Keep the crushed foil over back of the frame. Now wrap the foil over the front and to the back.

Step 5: Assemble All..

Once the glitter glue is completely dried out, you can assemble it in frame.

Keep glued part inside of the frame, so that it won't get spoil soon.

Then place cardboard on it and lock the frame on all sides.

It's done!!

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