Glitter Liner & Bold Lip Makeup Tutorial

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So this is a very easy quick and glamorous look to do for day or night :) I hope you like it.


Step 1:

So first apply a brown shade to the crease of your eye with a large fluffy brush making sure it is blended. Then with a dark plum shade apply this to the crease also with a pencil brush so that it is more precise and then go back in with the fluffy brush to blend this all in together.

Step 2:

Then with your line apply a large wing to your eyes and then go over with a glitter so that you can add a little something to the look.

Step 3:

Then apply your mascara and lashes to really add focus to your eyes.

Step 4:

Then with your bronzing powder you are going to want to contour your face by applying this to the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, hairline and nose. Then with a little bit of highlight apply this to the highest points of your cheeks, cupids bow and nose.

Step 5:

Then with a dark plum shade lip apply this to your lips.



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