Glitter Monogram Wall Decor

In this instructable you will learn how to make wall decor that says your name. This can also be a door hanger!


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1. Glitter

2. Paint

3. Cardboard

4. Paint Brush

5. Pencil & Marker

6. Scissors

7. Block Letters

8. Glue or Mod podge

Step 2: Write Your Name on Cardboard

Using your block letters, spell out your name, or a special phrase.

Step 3: Paint Your Letters

Paint your letters a similar color as your glitter will be, and let them dry

(I mixed white & Glitter paint for mine.)

Step 4: Glue on Glitter

1. Using a paintbrush apply Glue or Mod Podge to your letters.

2 Now add glitter of your choice to your letters.

3. Dump excess glitter back into it's container, & let dry.

(you can get creative and alternate between two colors.)

Step 5: Paint Background

Paint the background a color of your choice.

(It could be easier if you paint your background before you add your glitter to your letters)

Step 6: Cut It Out :)

Cut any excess cardboard off.

Step 7: Add Ribbon

Poke 2 holes at the corner of each side and tie some ribbon to either side.

Step 8: Hang

Hang your new wall art on your room door, or on your wall, and your finished!



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