Glitter Ornaments

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These shiny ornaments are super easy to make, because all you need are 3D papier mache ornaments and a few pinches of colorful glitter! All of this and more will make your Christmas tree have a little more sparkle than ever before!

Step 1: What You'll Need

To make these simple decorations, you will need the following items.

  • papier mache ornaments (I used a 3D heart and sphere ornament)
  • colored glitter
  • glue (I used Mod Podge)
  • Optional: sponge brush

Step 2: Prep Your Glue

Start by pouring some tacky glue onto a paper plate. Then, dip one of your 3D papier mache ornaments into the glue. Or you can do like how I did, and brush on some glue with a sponge brush. Make sure that you get an even layer of glue onto your ornaments!

Step 3: Add Glitter

While the glue is still wet, quickly add the glitter! You can use as many colors as you like and make it in any style that you wish! I went a little abstracted on my ornaments!

Step 4: Sparkle!

Once the glue is dry, it's ready to hang on your tree! It's fun, colorful and adds a little bit of sparkle to your tree!



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