Glitter Shoes!




Introduction: Glitter Shoes!

So first step I need to give credit where credit is due. I got this idea from . However after trying it I felt it would be well suited to the instructable  format.

So to transform your boring old flats from drab to fab here is what you will need:
          Shoes- flats or heals will work best. A pair of converse type sneakers would work too, just make sure you work carefully near the eyelets for the laces.
         Glitter- I'd recommend using a slightly finer glitter than I used here. It will help give it more of a polished look..
        Mod Podge Gloss.
        Foam Brush.
        Mixing tub.
        Fixative spray- optional but recommended

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Step 1: Prep Shoes

I happend to choose shoes with bows on them and this craft works best with a plain shoe so I had to cut the bows off. Depending on the shoe you may want to tape off the sole (for heals it would be wise to tape off the area of the sole between the ball of the foot and the heal, where the sole is exposed for all to see).

Step 2: Get to Glittering

Create a mixture of mod podge and glitter in the tub. You are going to  need to use more glitter than you think. I typically poured in the mod podge then poured in enough glitter to cover the bottom of the tub and complected cover the mod podge. You will need to let the shoes dry a little bit between layers so make your mixture in small batches. Remember you can always make more if you need it. 

Step 3: Get to Glittering

Now it is time to start making your shoes fabulous. Apply the mod podge glitter mixture to your shoes in a thin layer using the foam brush. 
The easiest way to do this is to hold the shoe with your hand in the toe, do the side closest to you, put the shoe down, then pick it up by putting your hand in the heal and doing the other side.  

After putting glitter layer 1 on the shoes wait about a half  hour then do layer two. After layer two I waited about an hour to do layer 3. The waiting is important! You need to wait a) so that you don't brush away the glitter you just brushed on and b) it is hard to see exactly how covered the shoes are because the mod podge goes on white. Once your shoes are almost compleatly covered set them aside to dry overnight. After you've let them set put on one more layer of glitter mixture making sure to cover all and any exposed spots and pressing down on any lumps with the butt end of the brush handle to flatten them out. 

Step 4: Almost There!

After applying your final glitter layer put the shoes in a place where they won't be disturbed and wait! Let the shoes sit undisturbed for a couple days. It is important to let the mod podge set completely. 
When the the shoes are dry apply one final layer of mod podge. This time don't mix any glitter in with it. This will help to set the glitter and give the shoes a more polished look.  
Let the shoes set for several days. I waited about a week. Then you can spray them with the fixative (and wait for that to dry) or hit the town (making sure not to step in any puddles!) 

Time to show off your fabulous glitter shoes! 

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I used the same exact shoe but I used a multi color glitter and I only glittered the bow part. I am forever getting compliments. I made them for holiday shoes almost 3 years ago. they are so cute.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great work! The pictures are a bit tricky because there's so much going on in the backgrounds. A picture of the finished flats would make a better intro image. I wonder if a spray glue would help the subsequent layers and reduce wait time between coats? How do they wear?