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Introduction: Glitter-delic Pics

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I've been trying to find something interesting to do with glitter for quite a long time. I really love glitter but I never knew what to do with it. One day, I thought I'd combine two of my passions: glitter and psychedelia. And here's the result!

Let's improve your favorite psychedelic pics!


- Psychedelic pictures

- Glitter, roughly the same color as the pictures'

- White glue


- Scissors (to cut the pictures)

- Printer (if you use pictures from the internet)

- Thin stick or similar (to add glue to the smaller parts of the picture)

Step 1:

Search for some nice pics on the internet. You can try with words as: psychedelic, mushroom, Janis Joplin, Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour, Hendrix, Hippy, Woodstock, joint, whatever. You can also make your own designs (this is my next project with glitter).

Once you've found them, print them and cut them off. I recommend you do not cut pictures perfectly. Let some margin to work with the pictures the without touching the glitter. Once your picture is dry you can cut the leftover paper.

Step 2:

Take your picture. You need to decide which part of the photo you want to cover with glitter.

I chose a picture of Ringo Starr. I decided to cover with glitter the blue bits. To do that, I took some blue glitter (obviously!).

Step 3:

Put your picture on a dish, a plate or anything that keeps glitter in the same place (though it will end up everywhere anyway; you will sniff it and during the next days everybody will tell you: hey! your nose is sparkling! But... I you couldn't say you've tried!).

You need to start ONLY with one color. Glue the surfaces you want to apply the glitter on. I used a thin stick to apply glitter on the thinnest parts (actually it was a spaghetti... but it works perfectly).

For example, I started covering the blue part, so I applied glue ONLY on the blue parts. Be very careful: don't make mistakes at this point.

Step 4:

Once you've glued all the surfaces you wanted, spread the glitter on the pictures. You'll need to wait some minutes... toilet time, coffee time, boring time, changing music time... whatever suits you the most!

Step 5:

After a few minutes, remove the leftover glitter. I used a funnel to throw the glitter directly to the jar. If you don't have a funnel you can make one out of paper (as I did).

Don't touch the glued glitter because it's not dry yet. You need to wait a few hours (maybe not so much actually, but don't touch it just in case) before it's completely dry.

Step 6:

If you want to add more colors, repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until you're satisfied! Ant let it dry some more time. You will know when it's totally dry because it will become totally flat.

And remember: you may not want to use sunglasses to look at your pictures... so don't use too much glitter!

Step 7:

Here are some of my creations! I'm proud of having used glitter to make something cool. Glitter rocks!

P.S. A little trick: to remove glitter from your table you can use a sticky roller for pet's hair. It works very well!

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