Flower Vase

Introduction: Flower Vase

Make flower vase at home,seems interesting right.

Here's the things you will need:

  1. A empty glass bottle (it can be a sauce bottle,a wine bottle and what ever you thing suit for this),
  2. Then you only need glue,hot glue gun and glitters.

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Step 1: Making Design

  1. Then you need to peel off the company stickers.
  2. now use the hot glue gun to make the pattern(the pattern should be repeated through out the bottle) refer the photo.
  3. Then let it dry for about 30 minutes,then apply glue allover the bottle.
  4. Then do not wait after applying the glue apply the glitters(just drop the glitters allover the bottle, do not use hand or any other thing to apply the glitters).
  5. Then let the glue dry for about 3 to 4 hours!(kill your curiosity),otherwise the glue won't come out properly.

Step 2: Final Step Removing the Glue.

  • After the glue is dried use your hand to remove the glue applied by hot glue gun.
  • check is there any glue to be removed.
  • Then you can use a handkerchief to hide the bottle neck were glitter is not applied as shown in the photo.

Now your vase is ready to give some sparkle to your house.

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