Glittered Book Box [blue]

About: Follow me @al3xisonline | ii am a high school senior, and I love to make lots of cool and cute DIY projects that I find here on instructables :)

I purchased a wooden book-shaped box at Hobby Lobby similar to this: , a few small bottles of water based acrylic paint (blue and white in this case), silver glitter, and a bottle of white liquid glue.

Of course I painted the box first (the "pages" white and the "cover" blue),
then I painted the top of the box with a mixture of glue and water.
Before the diluted glue dried, I sprinkled lots of glitter onto the box. 
Then to finish it off, I painted the whole box in the diluted glue as a varnish.

This is a very easy project and minus the drying time, I'd say this took a good hour or so. This also wasn't very expensive (I spent about $10.00 max)! The book box would make a very good gift for any reader on any occasion!

Hope you try this at home and good luck!



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