Glittering 16 Pop Stick Photo Frame

Introduction: Glittering 16 Pop Stick Photo Frame

About: Want to do some thing best with my less resource.

I found empty space in show case. Have lot of photos in album. Now hot glue gun in hand. Lot of pop stick in the bag. So lets make photo frame. Just use 16 Pop stick, for lovable memories always before my eyes.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials and Tools needed

1) Pop Sticks.

2) Hot Glue Gun

3) Glitters.

4) Nail polish.

5) Knife to cut pop stick.

Step 2: Plan

Plan contain only 16 pop stick

1) Base - 6 Pop stick

2) Leg - 1 Pop stick

3) side pillar - 5 Pop stick

4) Support - 2 Pop stick.

5) For hot shape 2 nos - 2 Pop stick

Plan drawing is given above.

Step 3: Start With Measurement

Place the photo on the floor and mark the distance of the pop stick want to paint. Like wise measure the side holder position. After marking start to paste.

Step 4: Start Gluing

1) Switch on the hot glue gun and allow it to heat.

2) First make the base take 6 pop stick and as per markings done with photo glue the sticks together in zig-zag.

3) Then make side Pillar, for that take 5 pop stick and cut one pop stick to two pieces(long side). Cut the half pop stick to breadth of the pop stick and take the balance. Now 6 pop stick available.

4) Glue the half pop stick in the middle of two pop stick.

5) Like wise do another pillar.

6) insert the pillar in the base we already made and glue it.

7) Now the photo frame is ready. But the pillars are weak. so to support the pillars glue two pop sticks with the base and the op of the pillar.

8) Cut a pop stick in to two pieces breadth wise and glue it in the bottom base.

9) Now the photo frame is fully ready. I can't fall down easily.

Step 5: Add Heart

1) Take two pop stick and cut the both the curved edge in a angle as shown in the figure.

2) So 4 Pieces available.

3) Join the pieces together to form Heart shape

Step 6: Paint and Complete

1) Take some glitters and put it inside the nail polish (I use red nail polish).

2) Mix it well and apply to the front portion of the photo frame.

3) Let the nil polish to dry.

4) After dry Glue the hearts to the bottom and top of the Photo frame (Don't colour the heart or use different color).

5) Now all works completed. Insert the photo into the frame and place it in the show case. If lighting changes it glitters.

Step 7: Make Few Others

I do another frame with inverse coloring, just paint the heart and leave the Frame. Like wise do what ever u want with big size or color.

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