Glittery Baby Footprint Keepsake




Introduction: Glittery Baby Footprint Keepsake

I wanted a way to freeze my baby's footprints in time, but everything I found was yet another "make clay, press baby's foot into clay" craft. So I decided to find another way to do it.

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Step 1: What You Need.

  • A baby. Ha, ha.
  • Skin-safe glue.
  • Two picture frames-- The kind with the metal prongs that fold over the picture backer will work best.
  • Glitter!
  • A workspace that you can get dirty-- I covered a corner of my porch in newspaper, because it's going to be hard to keep glitter from getting everywhere in my house if I do it inside.
  • In lieu of glitter and glue, you could also just use paint, but glitter matches what I'm doing for my baby's nursery.

Step 2: To Start:

Open up your picture frames. I am going to use two pieces of glass, instead of using the picture backer (the cardboard that comes with the frame) so I'm just going to discard that. I am also going to discard the other frame, and save that for another project later on. All I need is one frame, and two pieces of glass.

Lay one piece of glass on your work station, and put the other piece and the frame aside for now.

If you're concerned about sharp glass near your baby's feet, you can take a minute to sand the edges of the glass, but I didn't feel the need for that, because my infant isn't old enough to magically cut herself unless I let her.

Step 3: Glue Your Baby's Feet.

I used a paintbrush, and I brushed the glue onto the pads of her feet, and then her toes. Which was some feat for a baby with ticklish feet. The glue isn't bad for her skin, because it's non-toxic, but I still made sure to wash her feet as soon as I could, so the next part I did in a hurry.

Go ahead and press her foot against the glass. In the picture, I tried to show the glue print, because I couldn't get a picture of her foot on the glass.

Step 4: Add Glitter!

Set baby aside. Dump glitter onto the part that has the gluey footprints, and let it sit for a moment. Now is a good time to rinse your baby's feet real quick, or wipe them with a baby wipe.

Step 5: Knock Off the Loose Glitter.

I turned my glass piece up to vertical, and attempted to dump the excess glitter into a tub so that I could use it later. After that, I knocked the edge of my glass against the newspaper to get rid of extra clumps of glitter that would make the next part a problem.

Step 6: Putting It All Together!

I let my footprint dry, because I'm planning on going back to this project and adding things like her hospital band or the souvenir card with her name, weight, etc. on it. Alternatively, you could just place the two pieces of glass together and let them stick, if you're done with your project.

Put the clean piece of glass into the frame, and then lay the decorated piece down on top of it, so that the glitter-prints are sandwhiched between the glass. This is to keep loose glitter from falling down on her. Fold the prongs of the frame together and voila! You now have two glittery baby feet to proudly display.

Thanks for reading! If y'all make this, be sure to leave a picture of it in the comments, I'd love to see other people's projects!

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