Glo Sport Visibility Glove

Introduction: Glo Sport Visibility Glove

This project is ideal for those who want to be visible when exercising when it is dark or for those who want to learn more about e-textiles.

Make yourself visible to traffic and those around you by using a LED board that sits underneath the yellow reflective fabric that will light up when activated by the switch on your wrist.

The glove is made from a stretchy black fabric and reflective fabric taken from a high visibility vest, and is finished by silver reflective fabric to increase visibility. You could swap these fabrics for others to personalise the design.

This project does require some basic textiles knowledge and an understanding of how to create a working circuit.

Learn how to:

· Create an e-textiles project from scratch

· Use conductive thread and fabric

· Create a soft battery holder

Level of difficulty:

Intermediate. The project assumes basic knowledge of textiles as a sewing machine is required, and basic electronics knowledge to create the circuit.

This Instructable makes two gloves once the pattern is mirrored, and includes a pattern for the left hand glove. The pattern for the right hand glove is simply the left hand mirrored.

Step 1: What You Will Need

· Sewing machine

· Iron

· Black thread

· Conductive thread

· Needle

· Netting

· Black stretchy fabric

· High visibility vest (or the fabric if you can source it)

· Bondaweb

· 2x 3V flat batteries

· Small amount of conductive fabric

· Felt

· 8x LED boards

· 2x Slide switch board

· Pattern

Step 2:

Pin the pattern pieces to the correct fabric and cut out.

Step 3:

Take the top panel of netting and stitch the switch and LEDs to the net. Make sure the LED’s are in parallel. If you are unsure of how to do this, follow the example shown in the image.

Leave a length of thread on the side of the switch you wish the battery to connect too, and a length on the negative side of the last LED. You can test your circuit by holding the threads against the correct side of the cell battery to ensure it is working well.

Step 4:

To create the soft battery holder cut the felt to the size and shape you desire, making sure that the battery can fit inside, leaving a tab on one side of each of the squares. Attach the conductive fabric to the tabs using bondaweb.

Place the pieces together, making sure that there is one section of conductive fabric on the outside, and one on the inside to connect to the positive and negative sides of the battery.

Sew together using a sewing machine and normal thread, leaving room for the battery.

With the side showing the conductive fabric facing up, stitch through the conductive fabric and one layer of felt using the conductive thread. This will connect the negative side of the battery to your circuit.

Step 5:

Sew your battery holder to the bottom piece of netting using normal thread, making sure to leave the tabs free of thread.

Step 6:

Pin the top pieces of Lycra and high visibility fabric together and sew using the sewing machine. Do the same for the back pieces. Using a small amount of bondaweb, attach the top piece of fabric to the top piece of netting, using the iron and some greaseproof paper or a tea towel, and repeat for the back panel. Be careful to not attach the circuit or thread to the bondaweb. Connect the loose threads from your circuit to the battery holder, making sure you are connecting the positive side of the battery to the switch, and the negative side to the last LED.

Step 7:

Pin your glove pieces together and sew using the sewing machine. When finished, turn the right way round. It should leave some raw edges visible.

Step 8:

Using strips of the silver reflective fabric, pin around the raw edges and sew using the sewing machine to create a bias binding.

To create the right hand glove simply mirror the pattern!

Your glove is now finished!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! This looks like a great item for late night/early morning joggers.