Globe Knot




This globe knot can easily be tied around a finger

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Step 1:

Middle a strand of cord. Take the right hand end and wrap around finger two times

Step 2:

Bring that same end from right to left over, under

Step 3:

Bring the second strand from left to right under over

Step 4:

And back over, under

Step 5:

Bring the first strand under over

Step 6:

and back over, under, over

Step 7:

Bring the second strand over

Step 8:

and under, over, under, over

Step 9:

The last pass is under, over. The two ends are in position to start doubling and tightening the knot

Step 10:

Tighten it slightly on your finger before placing over spherical core

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    Answer 1 year ago

    I have used them as zipper pulls, at the end of a ceiling fan pull

    and in colored cordage as Christmas tree ornaments.