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Introduction: Globetrotter Map

I always thought it would be neat to have a way to document the places I have been, so I have created a globetrotter map to do so. Here are the supplies I used and the steps I took to get my finished product. Its far from perfect, which is why I have also included suggestions to make this project better. Enjoy :)

Step 1:

Here are some of the things you may need:

foam core board
cork roll or cork tiles
double-sided tape
modge podge or any type of glue that's not too watery
tape measure
knife / scissors

Step 2:

Measure the size of the map you wish to use, making sure you have a little on each side for overhang.  Measure and cut your foam core board to desired size. You may need to tape several boards together if your map is big.  Next, lay out the cork over the foam core board and cut it to size if needed. You can now use double sided tape or glue to attach the cork to the foam board.

Step 3:

* Don't forget to protect your work surface*  Depending on what type of adhesive you are using, it may be harmful to your work surface.

Next, after you've finished protecting your work surface, spread modge podge or other adhesive over entire cork surface. Now carefully lay your map on the glued cork.  You may have to work fairly quick, as the modge podge sets up in a jiffy! 

*Note: To save a little fidgeting with this step, I laid my map over the surface before the glue, got it centered (mostly) and pre-folded the edges so that when I placed the map on the glued surface, it would just fall into place!

After you have placed the map on the cork, work quickly to smooth out the map, trying to ensure that there are little to no air bubbles underneath. After you're satisfied with your work, you may need to place some heavy books on top just to hold it until the glue gets tacky. (old school books work well for this)

Step 4:

Lastly, tuck over your edges to hide the sides, and secure them with glue, tape, or even staples would work. Now your map is ready to hang! You can now push pins in your map for all the places you have been to show your friends how you travel the globe!

* Note: It's worth noting that the bigger your map is, the harder it is to get all the air bubbles out from underneath before the glue sets. It may be worth the extra work to divide your map into two or three sections to get it perfectly flat. It may also look pretty on the wall this way if you hung them a few inches apart!

Thanks for reading!

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