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Introduction: Glock G18

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Hello everyone and welcome to the slideshow of my new knex gun, the Glock G18.

I got the idea of beanieostrich
He told me when you remove the front thingy of my luger it looked like a G18. So I did that and made a few small modifications. If you like(d) my Luger, you'll like this one too. If you didn't like my Luger keep that to yourself and leave. Nobody likes haters!
I tried to make it look as sqaureish(?) as possible.

Mech: FPM.
Ammo: Grey one-ways.
-Silencer (I used an old foam grip from something and I like putting it on every gun =P.)
- Flashlight (useless.)
- Red Dot sight (pics coming up.)
- Stock ( also pics coming up.
- Removable extended mag.

If you like it please say so. If  you don't like it NOT (unless you say clearly WHY you don't like it.)




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    It's really not that good

    And I don't have it anymore, unfortunately. Aren't the pictures given here enough?

    Good idea. If you have finished something could you post pictures of it?

    Always interested to see what others build

    Ik leer Nederlands, beatji bij beetje. Sorry dat ik niet weet dat de handgraep was zo lang! I am terrible at spelling!