Glock Mod (seleziona's Gun)




About: I am building with knex my hole live and hope you like my (so far) posted creations.

Hello everybody I made a (I think) awsome mod of seleziona's glock 19.
It now has a front mag which can hold 5 bullets, it's easy to reload and never jams.
The problem with mags on pistols is that if you don't put them in the handle the hole shape of the gun is gone
but this mag is small and is placed where normally a laser would be.

I hope you like it, and if you want to build it here's a link to the original gun just build it and than mod it like in the slideshow.



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    BIG GG

    27 days ago

    shame there is no instructions

    Both of them are great. But yours is greater because of the fact you put a mag on it that looks like a laser. =)