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Well........... My title pretty much sums things up I think :-)

These glorious globes were created to light up the night in Chugiak, Alaska. Quite literally to light up the night since my motion detector broke this year. With about 4 hours of daylight in the middle of winter, anything you can do to brighten things up is a plus! I have been waiting all winter for a true snow to cover them, but global warming is working against me. I think they will look GORGEOUS under a real snowfall. Though they are pretty darn nice already.

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Step 1: Find Old Fashioned Globe Light Covers and Fill Them With Xmas Lights

I found my globes in miscellaneous places like salvation armys, garage sales etc... I scored my amazing big ones from the Habitat for Humanity Store in Anchorage, Alaska. (A seriously cool store, but I digress :-) I grab just about anything I see that is round and transparent. Ya just never know when you are going to need "round and transparent objects" right????

Step 2: Accentuate the Orbs!

String lights on anything you can find in your yard. Be it old dog sled or concrete Micky Mouses rescued from the local dump decades ago. You do have one of these things in your yard right? They will appreciate being part of the winter wonderland show!

Good Luck With Your Winter Adventures! And if you have the time I would appreciate a vote in the "glowy contest thingamajig" Cant hurt right?


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    4 years ago on Introduction

    HAD to move to california aye? Sorry, just cant feel your pain at the moment :-) A nice dark winter up here :-) Cheers.


    4 years ago

    by far had to move to ca, not my favorite choice lol