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About: I'm a mechanical engineer, and I like computer programming, mechanics, electronics and specially the robotics.
Calculating and using calculators is a common activity for most of us. If you are a storekeeper, store manager or engineer you should use your calculator. Even for your home common accounting you may need one.

There are several types of calculators and depending on your needs; you may buy your appropriated one.
In this article, I'm going to describe my idea about a special designing, the calculator designed as a glove. In fact, the idea is a glove that an ordinary calculator embedded on it.

The origin of the idea is from my job. I'm an engineer and sometimes I work with surveyors. While surveying, especially with analog tools, you had to use a pad and sometimes your calculator, while standing for surveying. Imagine you read a number in the theodolite, and then you need to write notes, calculate something and then write a note again. Don’t forget you are working on a construction or mining field. You need one of your hands to hold your calculator, one for your pad, one for your pencil and one for using your calculator. Of course most of surveyors have two hands. Therefore they had to use their pockets to hold their accessories. When you are working under the direct sunshine or cold weather, repeatedly displacing calculator and pad is not as easy as it seems. Therefore I think about a type of calculator that is not in conflict with writing notes during field working. For example a calculator on a pen could be helpful but it has its own defect. In my opinion glove shaped calculator is a good idea, the calculator like what shown on the clip.

The keys of the calculator are mounted on a cloth glove.
  1. Number keys are located on the underside of the fingers. It eases pressing keys with the thumb.
  2. Function keys are embedded on the fingertips. It means operators can touch anywhere (for example his/her palms) to use function keys.
  3. Memory keys are located on the upper side of the fingers and again the thumb can be used to it.
  4. And keys like AC and…, that we are not interested to be pressed accidentally, must be placed in a safer place, like over the thumb.
  5. The best place for (=) key is on the thumb nail; although somebody may have a better idea.
  6. Lastly, the calculator display is pasted in a place that could be easily read.
In addition to all ordinary keys, the calculator needs a lock key to stop calculator working when operator do not need the device.
Such calculator is applicable for different people with different positions. For a store staff who walk between shelves while writing notes and calculating. Similarly for storekeepers, water or gas meter officers, and gas station workers and …

Adding extra functions like a digital pad or cell phone for the glove could be a good development of the idea. But something like a cell phone is a device we always carry it, while we may not interested in wearing gloves permanently.

Amir Yusefi
DOB: 29 Sep 1976
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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The idea has merit, vahid, but a calculator on a pen would still work as generally one is not calculating and writing at the same time. An arm-mounted case would hold a calculator in an easily-accessible position without interfering with finger use.