Glove Savers - Adult Edition




I have a pair of backcountry mittens that owe me nothing. I have had them for years - partly because they have a great strap that keeps them on my wrists when I take them off!

Recently, my husband bought me a pair of ski gloves, but I never wear them for fear that I will loose one or both.

Here is how I fixed this situation:

Materials needed for two gloves/ mittens:
Ribbon, shoelaces, or thin webbing; about 56cm; more if your wrist is REALLY big.
2 beads
2 cord toggles
Sewing machine or hand needle and thimble.

First, you will cut the shoelace to around 28cm long; you want it to fit into the hem of your glove as well as around your wrist, leaving a few centimeters to spare.

Second, you will thread the bead onto the ribbon.

Third. You will thread the toggle onto the bead; both ends will have to go through.

Fourth: You will rip a small hole in the seam of the glove or mitten.

Fifth: you will insert the burned (if nylon) ends of the ribbon into the ripped seam then sew a reinforced straight stitch.

DONE!! you now have a glove you can remove whenever without having to worry about losing it!!!



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