Glow Oranges

Introduction: Glow Oranges

Hey folks...ever wondered what to do with the Orange or Lemon skins after they have been juiced ? Trash it ? Hmm..well no..Or tired of candles in glass jars and conventional candle holders ? Excited to try something refreshing and natural? Well you can try this simple idea :-) More posts at

Things you will need:
1.Two non-aromatic  regular candles  (See picture) or you can also use one short and fat aromatic candle of citrus flavor.
2. Scissors.
3. Orange / Lemon / Lime any citrus fruit which has a nice round shape.Avoild orange varieties which have a irregular shape.
4. Lighter.
5. Cooking Pan/ Holder  to melt wax

Steps to make your orangle candle:
1.Take the orange and cut into half.You can either juice it your regular way ,the bottom line is we need just its outer peel.
2.Next take one half of it ,just scrap out all of the juicy layers from inside without making any holes or tear on the peel.I use my own hand to just scrap out all of the wet portions.Then you can use a scissors to cut out the layers inside  ,so that the peel looks like a perfect empty cup as shown in the picture below.
3.Now if there is some more moisture inside the orange cup then dab it with a piece of cloth or use a hair dryer to make it dry inside the cup.
4.Next take your candle and cut the candle into small pieces as shown in the picture (say 2 cms bits) and put it in a sauce pan.
Warning : Never use glass vessels to melt candles.Any vessel which goes well with heating oil will go well with candle.So choose the vessel accordingly.Because you are going to deal with hot wax.
5.Next you put the pan on the stove on a low flame and allow the wax to melt.Never leave the stove unattended when you are melting wax.So take care and also hold the vessel using tongs and slowly take it from the stove and pour it in to the cup.Becareful that you dont touch the liquid wax ,cos its very hot.So after you pour it into the cup ,it will bubble up for sometime if incase it had extra moisture  and later will settle down.
6.Then allow it for about 10 mins and the wax becomes semi solid .Now cut a small wick from the candle you used .This you will be using for lighting the candle in the orange cup.If you see in the picture it has a long white wick,so just cut 2 cm from it and just insert it  in the middle of the orange cup as shown in the picture.
7.Then after another 15-20 mins the wax must have got solidified and ready to use .
So with an orange it makes a medium lamp .Same tried with a lemon makes a tiny lamp.

TIP : You can also make the lemon candles float in water for a beautiful effect :-)

You can find some more DIYs at ,I have just started to blog ,so hope you enjoyed this tiny "Orange" idea :-) Thanks for reading :-)

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    That's a nice idea! I really like the look of the green candle wax in the orange!