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Let say you know how to hula hoop, and have a hula hoop. Now lets say you want to hula hoop when it's dark. Now, let's add in the fact that you've seen the LED hula hoops and without a doubt you want to own one. Problem is that you don't have an extra $200 to drop on the one you want, you don't hula hoop enough at night to justify buying one, or you have no idea how to make one yourself. Now lets say you find yourself near a pile of unused glowsticks for some reason. This is where the tutorial begins!

What you'll need:
a hula hoop
at least 4 glowsticks (or as many as you can find or con out of people)
some string

Step 1:

It's pretty simple to do. You tie the string to the glow sticks, then tie the other end to the hula hoop. Keep repeating until you are out of glowsticks.

As a side note I must apologize for the terrible photos. You must understand, when I came up with this idea I was plastered and REALLY excited. So pictures were kind of an after thought. If I ever get near that many glowsticks again I will update this with better pictures!

Step 2:

Now, we started out with 4 glowsticks, but by the time we were done I think we had about 16 or 20 on there. The key thing is to tie the glowsticks in a way to the hula hoop so you still have balance. You can acheive this by evenly spacing them. If you have some eye screws laying around, you can screw those onto the outside edges so you have a place to tie on the glow sticks.

As you can see the glowsticks take some fun pictures and look just as good as a LED hoop, if not a bit cooler due to the randomness of the patterns. Enjoy!

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    2 Discussions

    I used glow sticks on my hoop before I purchased my LED one. Works nicely as a one time use cheap alternative. I like the way your did it though. I had the glow necklaces and just wrapped my hoop in them, but your method seems a little cooler, at least for pictures lol