Glow Worm

Intro: Glow Worm

This instructable we will show you how to make an electronic glow worm from plasticine and colour changing LED.

You can see the glow worm in this dailymotion video:

You will need:
 - plasticine,
 - colour changing LED,
 - 9 V battery harness,
 - 9 V battery,
 - 680 ohm resistor,
 - electrical insulation tape,
 - scissors.

Step 1: Assemble the Circuit

Connect the circuit shown in the photo.

The longer terminal of the LED, the anode is connected to the resistor, the positive terminal side. The shorter terminal, the cathode is connected to negative terminal of the battery.

In the PSpice software circuit drawing shown the three diodes are used to model one LED. This software does not have a LED component drawing in it. Thus diodes are used instead.

Step 2: Bend the LED Legs

Bend the legs of the LED to make stronger connection that cannot be pulled apart easily. Note that one of 680 ohm resistor terminals where already bend in the previous photo.

Step 3: Apply Insulation Tape

Cover the terminals with electrical insulation tape to prevent short circuits.

Step 4: Make the Glow Worm From Plasticine

Make the glow worm from plasticine, insert the circuit and you are done.

In the other photos you can see the glow worm LED changing colour from red to green and then to blue before repeating the cycle.

Watch the video again:



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