Glow in the Dark Table Tennis

This Table is a attempt at making ping pong better, by playing it the dark. With a blacklight, florescent paint, a sheet of plywood, and a net a great looking table can be made.

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Step 1: Supplies


Ping pong Set Like:


Florescent Paint Like this:

OSB 4x8:

If you bought all materials outright is would be $50+ however we had all the materials lying around. Blacklight was out of the trash.

Step 2: Paint It

Paint it how you like. We sprayed jagged lines green as well as splatter painting in orange. Do whatever you want. You may want to sand the wood before you paint.

Step 3: Add the Net!

Attach your net. You may have to wind the net around the post to make sure the net isn't loose. As you can see the wood is just resting on a folding table.

Step 4: Paint the Balls!

Paint the ball in florescent paint. You also have the option to buy glow in the dark balls if you don't want to loose bounceyness ?

Step 5: Put Blacklight Up.

We had a drop ceiling so it is easy to hang. Put it directly above the table. I also had the option to screw it on to the ceiling.

Step 6: Finish!

Enjoy your table!

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