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Introduction: Glow in the Dark Wire Wrapped Pendant

Hi, my name is Jenn, and I am a burner.

I attend Burning Man every year, and it is the focus of my entire year's fun. Burning Man is based on ten core principles, including radical self-expression and gifting.

This Instructable will teach you how to make a funky gift to give to all your burner friends. But please don't do it this year (2015) unless you seek me out specifically to give me one! ;)

Okay, so enough jabbering, let's get started!

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Step 1: Materials!

Here are your materials:

1) Glow in the dark "stones" - I found a bag of ~70 plastic glow in the dark stones at my local dollar store (Dollarama for all you Canadians!) for only $2.

2) Wire - I'm using 18 gauge black wire because the black shows up better against the glowing stones in the dark. I sourced this at Michael's and Walmart, but I'm ultimately ordering most of what I need from eBay. Way cheaper in the quantities I need.

3) Tools - I'm using a cute little three pack of beading tools I picked up at Walmart, but all you really need is a round-nosed pliers, and a side cutter.

4) Cord to string the pendant on - this is TOTALLY up to you, and so is not pictured. I have leather cord already on hand I will be using for this project.

Step 2: Beginning to Wire Wrap

If you have never done wire wrapping before, or even if you have and need a refresher, Google "simple wire wrapped pendant" to get some basic understanding of what we will be creating. I'll go through all the steps, but I know from experience that the way I explain things may not be the best way, and someone else may say it better.

First thing to do is make a loop in the end of your wire. Because every pendant takes a different amount of wire, I tend to leave mine on the spool until it's time to cut. MUCH less waste that way.

Use the round-nosed pliers to make a loop in the wire, I wrapped the wire around the base of the jaws of the pliers twice to make sure it was a solid loop.

Press the wire against your stone, and let's start wrapping!

Step 3: Continuing to Wire Wrap

Literally, wrap the wire around the stone. I never do it the same way twice, or rather, try not to, though some are looking similar... I want each gift to be as unique as the person I'm giving it to.

Continue wrapping the stone until you're happy with the design AND the stone doesn't feel like it's going to fall out of the "cage" you've created. I use my fingers for the wire wrapping, just pushing the wire along until it looks right.

When you feel "done", use the side cutters to cut the wire about a centimeter or half inch past the stone.

Step 4: Finishing the Wire Wrap

Use the round-nosed pliers to curl that sharp little bit of wire into a harmless loop and press it against the bottom or the back of the stone. This can further help hold the stone in place.

Step 5: Voila!

And you're done! String the pendant on some cord, tie it into a necklace, and give it to the burner of your choice! Or wear it yourself!

Bonus step: Add a tag on the same cord with the year you are gifting the necklace, the Burning Man symbol )*( or anything else you desire! I plan to make shrinky dink tags for mine with the year and the symbol!

See you on the playa!

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    4 years ago

    thanks for these instructions. maybe I'll see you in the dust!


    I love this, I am sure an amateur like me can make this. Thanks for the instructions. I am going try my hand at this.