Glow in the Dark Lamp Transition and Other Uses



Introduction: Glow in the Dark Lamp Transition and Other Uses

Hi everyone,

I had some Glow in the dark Duct Tape ideas so I had to try them. :)

I tried duct tape lamp and addition to Garage door light uses.

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Step 1: Glow in the Dark Garage Opener

Garage door opener.

Ok, so there are a lot of reasons why I tried this idea.

I'll go through them at the bottom, but let's get to it. :)

I added Glow in the dark tape right next to the light.

Hopefully you can see in the picture there was a black area right next to the light was thinking ... that doesn't make sense you want to reflect as much light as possible from the light especially downwards.

I first thought maybe paint it silver or white, but thought hmm... I have some Glow in the dark tape. :)

I can "repaint" aka add glow in the dark duct tape and it will provide a little transition / extra light .

Some of the other reasons below.

1. Garages - you can almost never get enough light and mine right now is not all that bright have to add lights.

2. Garage door light kicks on and off fairly close to the amount of charge and discharge for the glow in the dark tape.

3. Garage door light kicks off and the transition from outside full light to dark makes it not as easy to see.

4. Had some Glow in the dark tape left over from other projects. :)

Step 2: Glow in the Dark Lamp

Ok, so Glow in the dark lamp.

I have a lot of reasons why I did this too see at the bottom, but for now let's get to it.

Ok so, I thought it seemed kind of silly to have to look right at a lamp to turn it off. I was thinking hmm... maybe some transition light would be great. :)

So, I thought let's add some Glow in the dark tape.

Part 1.

Pretty simple, add glow in the dark duct tape to the bulb. tips

Never add it to anything except the base of the bulb, not the contacts also add it only to the non printed parts.

I thought it would make a cool transition light.

Step 3: Glow in the Dark Step 2

Step 2

So, there isn't much surface area on the bulb.

Wait, there is the lamp shade metal. :)

If you look in the picture you can see it on it.

I plan to do the whole metal part.

So, in order to make it look good. Cut your duct tape into long skinny strips then wrap it to the top.

Well there it is hope you like it, it was fun for me :)

If you like it please vote.

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