Glow Led's Using AC Current(220-250V)





Introduction: Glow Led's Using AC Current(220-250V)


To make this project you will need only few components.
And you could make your own led lamp or decorating light and many more things that you can imagine. This project is just an example to how to build the circuit for glowing led's using 220-250v.

Step 1: Components Required.

>Led's (number as ur choice)
> 4007 Diode (4).
> 250v Polyfilm Capacitor (1) .
> 50v (100 uf) Capacitor (1).
> 1000 m ohm Resistor (1).
> 0.220 k ohm Resistor { should be big in size else the curcit would not work }  (1). or something near this value. 

Step 2: Adding Diodes.

Place the diodes on the PCB board as shown in the picture.
and follow the image instructions.


Step 3: Adding Resistors.

1st add the 1000 m hm resistor.

Step 4: Adding the LED's.

I added up only 3 leds. You could add more leds as your requirment.
The current flow would be automaticly divided or multiply itself as required. 

Step 5: Testing.

The circut is ready to use.

Just plug the wires in the socket and the led's will turn on.

as in the images below.

You can use this example and make more creative things..

Step 6: Implementation.

Using this circuit i created.

>Led Lamp.
>Led Decorative Lights.

You could construct something else using this circuit.
Use Your Brains and start working on it..



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    85 Discussions

    Thanks for the clear instructions. II opened a 7-LED lamp and saw a 105K 250V capacitor? and a yellow-violet-yellow-gold resistor (470KOhms, I think). I need to convert this to work with 110-120V input instead of 220-240V. What would I have to change?

    pls inform me the resistance power rating........

    capacitor code ????? 1000 m ohm???

    nice teaching and easy to learn by a learner

    Thank you

    Can I connect 10 leds using same circuit?....

    how to 50 led's in serial connection pls give me circuit

    Thats not a 1000m ohm resistor... Thats 1mega ohm resistor...

    And capacitors cant be determined by only volt.. u need to mention the value.. I think its 474k 250volt capacitor.

    how can i light up about 100 of this little leds with 220v and how to calculate the value of the resistors and capacitors ?

    no in anyway! You will destroly burn the pins.....breadboard is usefull for DC low voltage, up to 12V current.

    12V current? Hmmm, interesting :) Nothing will be destroyed I tried that already.


    2 years ago

    The circuit is good up to 3 leds. More night lamps uses this circuit. Usually the circuit fails cause of the polyfilm capacitors have no tolerance to up and downs of incoming 250 ΑC current so please be adviced to check and replace the capacitor and the parralel resistor (R1) if the capacitor fails

    1000ohm is 1k and 220ohm

    Hi your resistor values are 220 ohms   Ie red red brown and the other is a  1 megohm Brown black green , Go for it young un  good trying from an old 80 year old technichian

    2 replies

    Actually, if you look closely, there is a grey band between the two reds, and a gold one after the silver band. however, he is still off, I believe.

    Dear Sahil, I was unable to construct this project since you have not mentioned the value of the polyflim capacitor. I have searched and prefer you to use 450v ( 0.47 Microfrad capaciter).

    Thanks. :)

    Thank you for this, I would like to know if one can use it to power a 20m Rope LED Xmas light? The original Power supply burnt. It would seem that the output of the Circuit was around 200V and the StripLight says 250w on the box. I have tried a rectifying diode to a 330uF 450V capacitor but the one wire on the diode burnt right threw. What am I missing? Thank you very much


    2 years ago

    Sir can u upload the videos of construction for this project and send it to my email with little modification like to glow more than 30 led blub

    I want to use thiss for a single led