Introduction: Glowflower

Have you wish you have flowers that glow in the dark? Here are instruction that will show you how to make artificial flower glow.

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Step 1: Supplies

  • All you need is:

  • glow in the dark paint
  • artificial flower (lily)
  • paintbrush

Step 2: How to Start

What you need to start with the pink or red glow paint and paint one of the petal.

Step 3: Rainbowpetal

keep doing with the other petal but with each a different colors.

Step 4: Order of Colors

Here are the colors I use: red glow, orange glow, yellow glow, green glow, blue glow, and purple glow.

Step 5: Repeat

After you completed painting all the petal of one of the flower, repeat

this with the other flower. The flowers I use will be a bouquet


Step 6: Conclusion

You have finally made a glow in the dark flowers that you can

now use as decorate for special occasion like Halloween or


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