Glowing Bagpack for Daughter




Introduction: Glowing Bagpack for Daughter

This is an experiment with old backpack and modern glowing LED technology. A year ago there were only 12V LED tapes. The 12V battery is to heavy for this. But now everything is ready for experiment. And you can see the beatiful result. Go to the next step.

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Step 1: Ingredients

What you need:

1. Old backpack

2. 5v USB led tape 20cm long

3. An ultraviolet velcro tape 20cm long

4. A heat shrinking tube 20cm long

5. 5V USB rechargeable battery in lipstick form with capacity of 2400mah

6. USB cable with switch

Step 2: Removable Backpack Glow Kit

Let us separate the velcro tape. One part will be sewed to backpack, but other shall be improved.

Now we should separate heat shrinking tube to heat shrinking film and sew it to the one part of the velcro. As result we receive tube for LED tape.

Solder LED tape and USB cable and connect them all.

Insert LED tape into velcro-heatshrinking tube and put USB cable to battery.

You can see how it glows on the photo. The general mass of this solution is about 150g. It is less than a banana.

The price of all part is not exceeded 10$.

Step 3: Integration

Now the second part of the velcro is ready to be sewed into the backpack. Let's do it.

Connect Glowing kit velcro tape with other sewed into the backpack, put the battery into internal pocket of the backpack and turn it on.

The result can be seen on the main photo of this manual.

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    Something like this might be really useful for bike riding at night to increase your visibility.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for your comment. This experiment may be extended into two directions. First, I am thinking about an automatic magnetic power switch and second, LED tape may be sewed externally to jacket or shirt.