Glowing Bread Lamp




Introduction: Glowing Bread Lamp

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Take a regular piece of bread and turn it into a lamp! Impress all your friends! Be the talk of the town! Envied by all!

Step 1: Prepare Thy Bread

Take your bread and cut the bottom off.

Step 2: Gut the Bread

Using a rotary tool, carve out the inside of the bread, leaving a thin shell. You can hold it up to a light to see if you're getting too close to poking through.

Step 3: Entomb the Bread

Build a little stage and seal the bread using shellac. Inside and out. Enjoy some music as you do.

Step 4: Make a Base

Draw a base pattern around your bread. Cut it out of your choice of wood. Round over the edges, sand, seal.

Step 5: Light It Up!

Using your trusty drill press, drill a hole for the LED strip to go through. Stick the LED strip to the board and add rubber bumpers if necessary.

Step 6: Bread Adhesion

Glue your bread down on top of the LED strip and plug it in.

Step 7: Bask

Just look at that wonderful glowing grain!

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    8 Discussions

    I am SO making this! I may take it a step further and have it be chandelier with mini everything bagels. Thanks for the awesome idea!!!


    7 days ago

    Very nice!


    8 days ago

    So weird! I love it!


    9 days ago

    This is SO CUTE and bizarreeee!!